Sunday, January 09, 2005


Now Who's The Terrorist?

Tony Blair, visiting Baghdad today, reacted to the attack of a US military mess hall in Mosul, which killed 24 people-

"The attack came the same day that British Prime Minister Tony Blair made a surprise visit to Baghdad and described the ongoing violence in Iraq as a "battle between democracy and terror.""

I suppose just about any nation that gets treated like Iraq has by the United States and Britain these past 14-15 years is going to be a great recruiting haven for "terrorists". It is funny how when the United States is attacked(even though 911 is a gigantic scam!) and responds with violence it is "retaliation". However, when Iraq is savagely attacked and the people respond, it is "terrorism". I really would like to see a poll to get an idea how Americans would respond to an occupying power that had killed over 100,000 civilians and raped and/or plundered those that survived. I think such a poll would show that many Americans WOULD take up arms to fight the occupier! This is not to condone violence, but it sure puts things in a better and more understandable perspective. If you open the door to violence, expect to pay the price!

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