Saturday, January 08, 2005


Osama The Charade

Evidence that has been unearthed since the 9-11-2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon overwhelmingly points in another direction than Osama Bin Laden as the perpetrator of these "terrorist" attacks. This alone should throw complete suspicion on the Bin Laden video released the other day since in it, Bin Laden takes credit for the attacks. Up until this video, Bin Laden had always denied being the puppet master behind 911. Unfortunately at this point in United States history, if the government created a digitally-created video of Lee Harvey Oswald admitting to JFK's assassination most, Americans would probably believe it!

Americans are wide open to lies and government/media manipulation of thought because they are woefully misinformed and uneducated about current and past events. In the past 30 years or so, children growing up in the nation have been "dis-informationalized" by our educational system into believing a revised history that favors the propagation of wars against the "bad guys" of the world. Sadly, this same "education" has targeted political forces and people here in the United States, much the same way Hitler in his rise to power scapegoated the Jews and rival political groups in Germany. Many young adults now do not have a clue that their government has lied its ass off, reacting to anyone who contends this by calling them "un-American".

Education is the key to Americans understanding and getting a perspective on what is happening in the world today, but unfortunately most seemed to fit into the category of brainwashed and are almost hopelessly beyond educating. This brainwashing has created a virulent strain of denial. When that lady spoke up at a rally with Laura Bush that the President had killed her son, was there a dialogue and an attempt to sort out the facts behind her contention? No . . . the crowd, in a knee-jerk response, started chanting "Four more years, four more years!" It could just as well have been "Sieg heil, seig heil!" because the facts of the matter do not matter anymore to diehard Bush followers, only the feelings of hatred and fear that the GOP/war complex can stir up against the rest of us and the world.

When the corruption and ruthlessness of this administration starts to encroach upon Bush's own blinded followers, then maybe the tide will start to swing enough to bring down these criminals that we call our leaders. I do believe that with each new lie that this administration springs upon Americans it will somehow come around and further chip away at its shaky credibility, until finally, as in Watergate, there will be enough critical mass to try Bush and Co. for what they truly are- war criminals! The Osama tape should prove once and for all who Bin Laden actually works for. He is a major player, once recruited by our own CIA as an anti-Soviet guerilla leader in Afghanistan, who is now part of the BushMob's vast "Terrorism Productions, Inc." People only have to remember one thing as they consider the Bin Laden video- which candidate profits by terrorism more, Bush or Kerry. The answer is quite obvious to me: "anti-terrorism" and security are the only planks Bush has left to stand, even though these planks, as we have seen these past four years, are delusionary and phony themselves!

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