Saturday, January 01, 2005


Our Pawn Troops

``The people who are firing off these surface-to-air missiles are the same people who are killing Iraqis ... and they're going to be beaten eventually,'' Rumsfeld told ABC's ``This Week.''

Let me see . . . the United States has been directly or indirectly killing Iraqis for 13 years now and all-of-a-sudden the Iraqi resistance is what is "killing Iraqis"? Give me a break!!! If the United States had not preemptively attacked Iraq in the first place these killings would not be taking place! Apparently Bush and his warmonger cronies feel that they can go about killing innocent people without any significant backlash.

Let me get this straight . . . It is ok and even patriotic for Americans to vent anger over the attack of three buildings and 3000 dead(911), but it is wrong and "terroristic" for Iraqis to recoil in anger and resistance to an occupying nation that has murdered over one million of their fellow countrymen in the past 13 years and destroyed a vast portion of the nation's infrastructure? This reminds me of the collective punishment mentality of the Nazis in WW2.

Where was the US concern for Iraqis when sanctions were killing hundreds of thousands of them over the past 12 years? Rumsfeld has to include the Iraqi causalities in the resistance attacks to try and isolate them from the "pacified" masses. I can't help wondering how many Iraqis actually feel a joy inside with each new American casualty. American soldiers are nothing more than pawns in Bush's political games, caught between a misguided and fanatical administration and a population screaming for vengeance!

Americans who wave a flag in support of our troops are unknowingly endangering them, because the government can treat the troops as an expendable commodity and get away with it, thanks to the sickening ignorance of the American people. The United States started this war and anything that entails from now on can only be laid at its doorstep, no excuses!

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