Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Party Politics At Work?

Party politics actually works, for the powerful . . . Democrats and Republicans are at each other's throats when we all should be pressuring this government to come clean. It works for the power players who keep us all enslaved in our petty little political differences. It looks like most Americans never got over high school! The government treats us like that, too, making sure we get our daily dosage of Laci Peterson to drug us from the realities that this government so brutally inflicts on a defenseless world! I am ashamed that so many Americans are so much in the dark. As far as literacy goes for current events, Americans are in the poorly-developed area of nations on this planet.

Party politics are an insult to the intelligence of the true and patriotic American who can see the criminality oozing from Washington DC. In my view, if there were enough really true and tried Americans who would stand up against this immorality, another movement could threaten the corporate-controlled power bases of the Democratic and Republican parties. Voting in the election nowadays is nothing more than an unknowing token of approval for the system, a system that has corrupted the very heart of democracy. The Dems and Repubs can fight to time immemorial but it is never going to alleviate the problems that we all face. Not until we can swallow our stupid party pride and start a mutual consideration of real information, not just libelous distortions of truth, will we ever be able to reclaim our promised place in American power!

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