Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Pavlovia Americana

Wouldn't you think that somewhere along the line a real "terrorist" event will have to happen, following a government alert, to kick in the whole Pavlov conditioning principle for the terrorists?

Pavlov was the psychologist who would ring a bell before feeding a group of experimental dogs. After ringing bells and feeding them several times the dogs began to salivate on just hearing the bell. This is called conditioning.

For terror alerts to really control the people there will have to be a reinforcing event following one of them. Thereafter, any terror alert will have the effect of stirring hysteria and fear among the people, making them much easier to control. Also, since hysteria is just another form of hypnotic trance, the government can plant almost subliminal messages in the hysteric public's collective mind to cement certain beliefs that need to be maintained for better government control of the people. It is a sort of subconscious repression of the truth.

Many people nowadays probably haven't even began to wonder why they are so opposed or hateful to the simple principles of dissent and free speech - they are being conditioned by fear, their hysteric states of mind making them easy prey to false ideas. If you ask them why they hate real freedom(the government wants us to believe that our enemies feel this way) they will mostly say something to the effect of "un-American", but you can rest assured that they have no sound reason for feeling the way they do.

Assuming that our government is connected to the terror itself(seeming to always know what the "terrorists" are up to), the terror alerts will lose their controlling effectiveness if they are not in some way reinforced by some terror event. As each alert goes by without incident, the amount of fear generated subsides, hence the state of hysteria needed to control and plant ideas in people's minds also subsides. It is not enough just to scare people with terrorism- the main reason for terrorism is supposedly to scare people into accepting some dictate. Since 911, the only dictates that I have seen have come from our own government.

Just what do the "terrorists" want? There must be some reason for all this "terror". If there are demands or dictates pending on the parts of the "terrorists", then why hasn't the public been made aware of them? Assuming that all of the terrorism WAS coming from our Islamic "enemies", it would behoove the government to hide any demands coming from them. This would just lead down the path to a further investigation as to why terrorism occurs in the first place: the USA government cannot keep its hands off of other nations' assets!

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