Saturday, January 01, 2005


Perpetuating Fear and Anger

It is easy for Bush to allow for atrocities against Iraqis because this only keeps the anger high and the potential for resistance at the same level. This is what the administration wants, a justification to continue the domination of affairs in Iraq. The American people would never stand for what is really happening in Iraq right now. This administration is not really concerned about Iraqis, but only the position they can maintain in reaping vast profits by destroying, dividing, terrorizing and killing a proud people.

Let the media for once be forthcoming with the truth. Let it show the carnage that is being imposed on innocent people who want nothing more than to be left alone so that they can restore their own nation to normalcy. What right does the United States have in deciding how other people in other nations live their lives and run their governing councils? The United States is headed for a nose dive to destruction with mounting domestic problems being ignored for ill-advised and ill-conceived foreign policies. How can we pass ourselves off as the spreaders of democracy when our own democratic institutions have been compromised almost beyond recognition and repair?

Our government has repeatedly lied to the people- about 911, about the threat of Iraq, about anything that would reveal the real monstrosity that currently governs us. We are no different than the Iraqi people in that our choices have been taken by this lying and repressive administration. The only difference right now is that protesting and dissenting Americans have yet to become targets of police forces shooting to kill, but I am sure we are headed in that direction.

This administration rides the credo that terrorism and violence against Americans must stop, that they are a threat to our way of life. In reality, though, it is the violence of this administration and its immoral policies that are the biggest threat to our liberties and those of every freedom-loving person on this planet!

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