Saturday, January 01, 2005


Postwar Intelligence Considerations

White House to Review Prewar Intelligence on Iraqi Arms

Isn't it a little late for this? This is about the same thing as California abiding by Charles Manson's opinion as to who did the Tate/La Bianca killings, letting him free if he thought someone besides his own followers were the culprits. Bush and Co. had more-than-enough time, as well as UN weapons inspections in place, to KNOW that Iraq posed no threat to the United States. This in-your-face administration keeps throwing the ball back into the CIA's side of the court. Isn't it about time intelligence officials throw the ball where it ultimately belongs, in Bush & Co.'s hands?

The damage has been done- to thousands of innocent Iraqis, to our own troops, to Iraqi infrastructure and culture, to our own economy and world prestige, etc. etc. etc.- It is NOT time to review what many informed Americans already knew before Bush needlessly attacked Iraq. It is the time to hold the people responsible for this massacre accountable for their actions!

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