Saturday, January 08, 2005


President As Coward

President Bush and those who "elected" him have shown that they value war more than peace. Certainly the devastation of human life in Iraq can only naturally trigger an outpouring of rebellion and retaliation against the occupation forces. It remains to be seen how many acts of vengeance will take innocent American lives in the years ahead right here in the states and abroad. Bush has opened up a Pandora's box of retaliation, proving that he is not concerned about Iraqis OR Americans, just his big corporate associates who reap massive profits on the suffering of others.

John Lennon once sang "give peace a chance" and that message screams to be heard more today than ever before. "Men" like Bush who go along with the military strike-at-anyone-who-gets-in-your-way philosophy are not real men, but cowards in my view. To stand for peace in a time when people are frenzied up for war and killing takes enormous amounts of courage. Those who embrace peace leave open the possibility that one day we may heal the wounds that drive our "enemies" to hate us. Resorting to violence and war only creates more enemies and gives justification to whatever acts the enemy uses to hurt us.

I am ashamed of America today. While we go about our business of partying, going to football games and just generally rolling in the materialistic muck that corporations drug us with, innocent people are slaughtered in faraway places by American troops. When I see someone smiling I have to wonder why and how, and I usually realize that most Americans are not even aware of the atrocities "their" troops commit towards less fortunate people. This helps me keep my sanity, even though I am sure that many Americans still revel in seeing others killed by our troops, It seems to give them a feeling of superiority in that they can deal with the "bad" guys of the world from the safety of their living rooms.

Sure, there WERE insurgents in Fallujah, but can we be certain as propagandized Americans that ALL avenues of a negotiated deal were explored? In the run-up to the attack on Iraq, there was actually an Iraqi peace contingent working on a settlement. Can we actually believe anything that this criminal government tells us anymore? Even in the Branch Davidian "standoff" in Waco a decade ago it became apparent that the government forces surrounding the compound kept the people inside incommunicado from the world, weaving a tale that made Americans believe that the eventual destruction and death of men, women and children was justified or accounted for under the "circumstances".

Bush and his group of corporate/zionist/religious right doltheads will someday pay for the hell they have put people through. What goes around comes around. I remember an ad for some big brother program years ago that stated that "it takes a man to stoop down to a child". The thugs inhabiting our top levels of government will not "stoop down" to see what angers our enemies, choosing the easy way out of destruction and death. These are not men, but pathetic cowards!

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