Tuesday, January 04, 2005


President Dos Equis

I have another nickname for President Bush- Dos Equis. This is the name of a beer and it means "two x's". This name fits Bush so well because he seems to be the master, just like his father, of the double-cross. Just about everyone over the years who has had dealings with the Bushes has been the victim of a double-cross. At present time, the American public is the victim of President Bush's double-cross.

Every campaign promise that Bush made has been reneged on- money for schools, for veterans, health insurance- you name it. Our president's father double-crossed Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. With Kuwait cross-drilling into Iraqi territory for oil Saddam had Bush's assurance that he would not intervene if Iraq tried to resolve this issue militarily. In fact, Bush and the US intelligence KNEW well in advance that Saddam was preparing to occupy Kuwait and let it happen, providing a justification to launch the first Gulf War. This was a gigantic double cross!

Another famous victim of the president's father was CIA drug-running extraordinaire Barry Seale, who cooperated with federal authorities in pinning down numerous drug-running schemes, including the Medellian cartel in Columbia. It was Seale's plane that had the hidden cameras that caught some Nicaraguan Sandanista officials loading cocaine onto it, providing the Reagan administration(actually the VP Bush administration!) with propagandic ammunition against the Sandanista regime. A side note to this is President Bush acquired this very same plane years later!

So what did Seale get for his service to his country? In his own trial for drug-running, he was given a sentence that broke the promise that the government had given him for testifying against other big drug-runners- he had to report to a halfway house every evening, making him an easy target for assassins. Her was gunned down as he sat in his car, supposed by the Medellian cartel that he had infiltrated and fingered. However, knowing full well how his sentence had set him up to be killed, despite government promises that he would be safe after his trial, and the amount of dirty laundry that Vice President Bush and his CIA drug-running mafia had to hide, suspicions certainly point elsewhere!

As for the present Bush double-crosser in the Oval Office, the only people who haven't felt the sting of his double-crosses are his corporate associates who are reaping huge profits from his tax cuts and war on terror. You might also consider that Saddam Hussein WAS cooperating with UN weapons inspectors when Iraq was so ruthlessly and unjustifiably attacked by US forces. Making people go along and/or cooperate with lies, then reneging on stated promises is to me a double-cross. George Bush, both father and son, are as ruthless double-crossers as you are ever going to see! Father taught son very well indeed.

President Dos Equis.

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