Monday, January 03, 2005


Presidential Pardons On The Table?

There is so much going on right now on the world/political scene that one can become disoriented. One issue that people are totally ignoring at the present time is the issue of presidential pardons. Are these really constitutional? Most of President Bush's current cast of advisors and whatnots would be behind bars right now had it not been for Bush1's acts of clemency towards them after the Iran/Contra scandal. Of course, this is not surprising considering Bush1 was(is) one the team members of the Iran/Contra indictee roster.

The classic pardon, of course, was Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon for any and all Watergate crimes. This wasn't to protect Nixon as much as it was to protect the real people who undercut him, as well as some past dirty laundry that might have popped into public view in a trial- Castro assassination plans, Kennedy assassination, CIA/Mafia alliance, etc. In fact, Ford was chosen to be the new President because of his understanding of this predicament. He was also the CIA and FBI's inside man on the Warren Commission in 1963-64.

The presidential pardon is a tool of coverup and an affront to real American justice. The president is NOT above the law and should never be given extralegal powers. Only a presidential candidate who can wholly guarantee this continued tradition of clemency towards lawbreakers in high places can be assured of a chance to make it to the White House. Look what happened to JFK and his brother Bobby, the latter who carried on a breathtaking campaign of legal pursuit against organized crime in his brother's administration(1961-1963).

Applying all this to this year's presidential race- John Kerry has been catapulted to the front in his party because he is the next guarantor of clemency towards crimes now being committed. When Kerry gets to the White House, he will pardon any and all crimes now being committed by Bush and his administration. Mark my word! As soon as the Congress and Supreme Court come out from under the domination of the executive branch and reestablish their powers of checks and balances in our government, it should enact a bill which nullifies any and all presidential pardons for crimes against humanity, and makes pardons beyond the power of the president. Only this can reassure the public that our executive branch is NOT above the laws of this nation and world!

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