Sunday, January 02, 2005


Prisoner Abuse vs. Unprovoked War

It seems to me, judging on the response of the media and American public, that prisoner abuse in all its sordid forms is a no-no, while a good ol' unprovoked attack on Iraq and Afghanistan that kills and maims thousands is alright. This is quite understandable considering the media censorship that had been in place since the Iraq attack started. Americans who rely on the mainstream media for information, not realizing the propogandic nature that it possesses, have not seen pictures of the human and infrastructure damage that our military has inflicted.

The media is now slowly rearing its ugly hypocritical head for all to see, however. Going along with the government whitewash policies deprives the public of real information and news that could have very well turned the tide of the Iraq war sooner. Undoubtedly all media outlets are privy to the alternative news reporting that has emanated from Iraq, but since its very nature is more open to the real atrocities that are occurring there, it is ignored in the western media outlets as a source for news. In fact, it is seen as propoganda instead of news.

Americans should take the time currently to stop and consider what they would feel like being a prisoner and helpless against the sexual abuses of their captors. It seems this is an easier thing for them to do as sex somehow has a higher marquee position than outright mass murder against innocent civilians. But while they are at it, they might want to stop and consider how they would feel seeing their loved ones murdered by a foreign attacking nation, a nation that they never harmed in any way.

When a news story involves something sexually scandalous, everyone sits up and listens and beats their drums of morality. However, when it comes to dropping bombs on an innocent and defenseless population, killing and wounding thousands, it is just another ho-hum news story. When sex is involved, everyone pays attention. When corporate scandal and crime goes unpunished, it is ho-hum city. When our leaders are caught lying and thousands die as a result, where is the public outcry? When Janet Jackson bares a breast, major story. When our leaders are exposed as criminals and liars, the public yawns and switches the channel. When Monica Lewinski has oral sex with Bill Clinton, BOOM . . . when innocent civilians die at Waco and Oklahoma City and on TWA Flight 800 and the government lies to cover up their role, people yawn. Our priorities are a cancer on the real American spirit!

Watching C-span last night I was sickened by the calls to investigate these prisoner abuse cases by both Republicans and Democrats. These cases SHOULD be investigated and the highest levels of power that aided and abetted them should be imprisoned as war criminals. When it comes to our Congress, however, where was the investigation BEFORE the attack on Iraq. If a truly open and honest investigation would have been forthcoming, as the duty of Congress is required, we would never have attacked Iraq in the first place! And if we had not attacked, we would not be having these prisoner abuse cases right now! I suppose congressmen are more attracted to a sex-laced story also.

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