Saturday, January 01, 2005


Profile In Cowardice

Is there anyone in the Rebublican Party, or the Democratic Party for that matter, who has the balls to take off the kid gloves and start telling it like it is to the American public? The endless BS that we all hear from these politicians only dulls Americans toward politics and current events. If someone would just tell the American public what most of us already know- that Bush has deceived the public since day one, that Bush and his cronies are ripping off the face of America for their greedy selves, that Bush is nothing more than a subservient wimp to Israel's demands, etc- it would certainly arouse more debate on the issue and open peoples eyes that are now shut.

It is time for someone to take on Bush and the whole corrupt system that he represents. Ted Kennedy could do it, but he has the luggage of Chappaquidick to deal with. Maybe Ted should just tell us what really happened that night . . . that the death of Mary Jo Kopechne was the result of a covert black op designed to knock him out of the race for the presidency. I guess the threats he got afterwards are still enough to subdue him.

Is there anyone who is not compromised who would like to make history, and maybe get the Wellstone reception treatment in the process? Probably not. Once again, it will have to be WE THE PEOPLE who put our lives on the line to make sure democracy doesn't get totally flushed down Bush's toilet. The demonstrations ala pre-war Iraq have all but disappeared, even though American troops are being murdered every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess people are drugged by this corrupted capitalist entity we call the United States to not really care enough.

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