Monday, January 03, 2005


Questions Americans Should Be Asking

In light of yet another terror threat, this time a "90%" probability one according to John Ashcroft, Americans should be asking the following questions.

1) With President Bush's ratings slipping to an all-time low, why would a terrorist group attack, knowing full well that every previous American president's approval ratings have increased following a perceived threat on Americans and presidential action to deal with it. If Bush is truly the enemy of fundamentalist terrorist groups, why would they provide him with a shot in the arm, so to speak? It doesn't make any sense, unless, of course, they are working FOR him.

2) Similar to pre-911, when terrorist warnings were provided to the administration but ignored, this time the American people are being informed so that Bush and Co. can cover their collectives asses. Why weren't Americans warned pre-911? If it makes so much sense now to have such a high terror warning, why didn't it make the same sense in light of the numerous warnings before 911?

3) With such a high probability listed for a terror attack or event the administration must have some "concrete" proof. If such "proof" is available to it, why aren't arrests being made?

4) Why would terrorist groups play into the hands of the counter-terrorists, unless, of course, they were being handled by it to create acts of terror to justify the ongoing War On Terror?

5) If Al Qaeda actually does exist on the scale that the government asserts, then where are all of the Al Qaeda operatives and how are they able to enter this nation under supposed heightened security measures?

Assuming Americans continue to be brain-dead in analyzing these things, a terror alert and/or attack is a no-lose deal for this administration. It galvanizes support for Bush, as it would for any president. The tools of coverup are so immense now that the government has many more options in carrying out abuses of the American public.

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