Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Questions For Colin Powell

From ABC News-
(Secretary of State)Powell said the insurgents were political foes of the interim Iraqi government and the uprising was not due to ethnic rivalry.

"These people are criminals," Powell said. "These people are blowing up automobiles. They are killing children. They are killing police who are there to preserve order."

Let me ask Secretary Powell a few questions-

1) What would Americans do if a foreign power attacked them on phony premises?

2) What would Americans do if their national infrastructure was destroyed by the attackers?

3) What would Americans do if their friends and family were imprisoned, raped, murdered, tortured and ruthlessly brutalized by the attackers?

4) What would Americans do if the interim government installed by the attackers was nothing more than a charade?

5) What would Americans do if they were 70% unemployed with no signs of improvement?

6) What would Americans do if they had to live in unhealthy conditions because of the destruction of hospitals, lack of medicines, lack of water treatment plants, etc.?

7) What would Americans do if their cities and towns were bombed to supposedly kill "insurgent" safe houses, instead killing many innocent civilians?

8) What would Americans do if the people who had the courage to fight the attackers(real freedom fighters) were rounded up and imprisoned or executed?

I myself am quite sure what Americans would do, at least the ones who still have the courage to stand up for what is right- they would fight back and try to expel the attacker/occupier. Since when did our government and its leaders get the right to determine who has the right to act like a human being and who doesn't?

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