Saturday, January 01, 2005


Republican Hypocrisy

How can Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist actually accuse the Democrats of trying “to politically wound the president of the United States"? After all of the administrations lies and noncompliance with democratic and constitutional safeguards, does he actually think that the Democrats have to TRY and tarnish President Bush's image? Does this Senator honestly feel that Bush has done nothing to bring down public criticism on himself? Does he not remember the constant barrage of innuendo and criticism that Bill Clinton had to endure from the Republicans? I smell some really stinky hypocrisy emanating from DC!!!

Frist added: “At this moment of peril in our nation's history, as our intelligence agencies and our armed forces in the Middle East are at war against our mortal enemies, those responsible for this memo appear to be more focused on winning the White House than they are on winning the war against terror,” thundered the Tennessee Republican. Talk about barking up the wrong tree!

The American people and Congress never declared war on Iraq, so how can they be considered our "mortal enemies"? The so-called "war on terror" got its kick start from the "terror" attacks of 9-11-2001 and the investigation into these events has been consistently stonewalled and hindered by the Bush administration. As far as the race for the White House goes, does Frist actually think that the "war on terror" does NOT give Bush political ammunition? He can't be serious, but if he actually is, it is a scary thought to say the least!

The hypocrisy of the Republicans, who remain steadfast behind a divisive and arrogant president, lies somewhere between the sickening and insane! I really don't care which party's candidate wins the presidency, as long as that president truly represents the American people, not his rich and powerful corporate friends. Senator Frist's remarks almost parallel a woman being criticized for bringing rape charges against her attacker, or the NAACP being criticized for smearing the reputation of the good ol' South.

If the American people do not get rid of this administration in 2004, they deserve everything that they are going to get from it and more! It is the most sickening display of hypocrisy and abuse of power that I have ever witnessed!

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