Monday, January 03, 2005


Reserve of Hatred

President Bush and his band of merry war-makers may have made another miscalculation in their plans for world domination- they may have misjudged the reserve of hate at their disposal in the United States. Let's face it- all wars are based on hate and ignorance. Without both of them wars are practically impossible. Leaders of a nation may be able to keep their people in their dark perpetually, but what about the amount of hate they can maintain to fuel their wars? Is it similar to a supply of oil that fuels our economy? Maybe hate IS a finite thing and can be measured in real quantities in all of us.

Three years of Bush administration hate-mongering is getting old to most Americans. Just as a psychiatric patient undergoes cathartic treatments to rid himself of traumas, so maybe hate can be defused by just allowing it to come out in a natural way. After so much defusion, our hate may run its course and we will finally be at peace with ourselves, unwilling and tired of being goaded into displays of hatred towards people that our government wants us to. Thus, as our hate is thus defused by the government's constant hate-mongering tactics, we are inadvertently being calmed and cooled to the ideas of war.

Once again, an ill-conceived and immoral plan of the present government has come home to roost, has backfired. Our "leaders" have gone to the well once too often. Some people may have big, deep reserves of hatred that can be directed towards others, but I see most Americans getting sick and tired of the war agenda and realizing that hate is a counterproductive thing to the United States AND the world. It only plays into the masters of war, who use the rest of us like we are but pawns on their regal chessboards, expendable in their games of self-enrichment!

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