Saturday, January 01, 2005


Rounding Up The 911 Herd?

As depicted in cowboy/western movies throughout the years, range cattle were rounded up and herded into holding pens awaiting slaughter. The cowboys simply rode into the wild wide-open ranges and herded these animals to their destination. Let me make an analogy here with terrorism if I may.

Intelligence sources function to notify superiors of any possible terrorist activity. When such activity or plotting is found there are several options for the government:

1) arrest the conspirators before they can develop their plans
2) follow the conspirators to track down more conspirators and/or superiors
3) allow the conspiracy to take as much shape as possible and then stop it right before implementation
4) infiltrate the conspiracy and guide it to a point of "entrapment"- this cements the case against the conspirators even though the conspiracy itself was instigated further by government moles
5) infiltrate the conspiracy and guide it to its target, allowing it to happen

Option number 5 above is what I believe happened in the months preceding the 911 attacks. Intelligence assets AT LEAST tracked the 911 conspirators, if not DIRECTING them toward their ultimate targets. The government simply "herded" the terrorists toward the 911 attacks, thus getting justification for the ensuing War On Terror. This would explain the ability of known terrorists to board planes and a total stand-down of US air defenses during the alleged hijackings. Once the terrorists were on board and in flight, all the government had to do was assume remote control of the planes and crash them, killing all witnesses aboard.

The "hijacking" terrorists more-than-likely had different marching orders than crashing the planes, maybe just hijacking them to some other nation in exchange for something. Once in flight, they were double-crossed by the head orchestrators of the conspiracy. If their goal had been suicide flights into buildings, it would have been more difficult to hold the plot together. They had to believe they would survive the plot.

As long as their are angry people in the world, angry enough to take action in retaliation for something, there are going to be opportunities for intelligence assets to steer that anger towards some terrorist action that will further justify the War On Terror! The "terrorist" cattle are out there and the US/Israeli/what-have-you governments simply have to round them up and herd them towards a certain destination.

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