Saturday, January 08, 2005


Rumsfeld's Distortions

At Don Rumsfeld's news conference today, he made this statement-

``Listen these folks are determined. These are killers They chop people's heads off. They're getting money from around the world. They're getting recruits,'' Rumsfeld said.

All four things that Rumsfeld listed fit the Americans to a tee. 1) Americans are killing innocent Iraqis(not the other way around). 2) The beheading videos(certainly the first impression-forming ones) were in all likelihood created by occupational black ops. 3) Our administration gets all the money it wants and also attacks other nations to steal their oil. 4) As far as far as "terrorist" recruitment goes, the Bush administration is the best recruiter terrorism ever had! The main tool of this administration is to accuse someone else of something that they are guilty of, and blatantly so. With a dumb and dumber American audience, it is very easy for Rumsfeld and Co. to do this. Take the onus of your own guilt by accusing someone else of the same thing.

You are lying piece of fascist excrement Donny Boy! Hitler and Goebbels are raising a toast to you in Hell tonight. You should be so proud! Your words kill millions and cause suffering to those who survive. If Americans could see you for what you really are, there would be no safe place for you to hide. Many young people, fine young upstanding people who would be great future leaders of our nation, are being wasted in your ridiculous war games.

Get the #@$! out of Iraq and let the Iraqi people get back to the way they were before we attacked them. Saddam must be a sweet memory now for these people. They would gladly embrace him again, knowing that it takes a tough iron-fisted leader to rule a nation when that nation has a gun pointed to its head by the United States. Being threatened by foreign violence is not something that Americans have a monopoly on. Just ask Fidel Castro. No father is going to let his daughter go on a date with a psychopathic rapist!

Bush, Rumsfeld, Ridge, whoever is great at lying to the public for Bush Team, will become prime time players now that they get their weekly special, "Cops With B-52's". The American public will be tickled to death that we are taking care of those evil "terrorists" over there on the other side of the planet. They are just so blanking shielded from that horror in Iraq- they don't have a clue what its like to see people torn apart, your own family torn apart, by bombs and gunfire. The prime time players will keep them comfortably numb, yet just scared enough with a fake terror warning now and then. You can't appreciate the security until you feel threatened, right?

I think I know why many people are fascinated with Bush. He seems to actually enjoy being in command over death. His face is so lit up and energetic when our troops are murdering Iraqis in cold blood. Many Americans seem to share this grotesque fetish with their president. The more innocent civilians that we kill, the more immune to guilt we become. The more arrogant and fascist we become. Someone or Something has got to pull the plug on this show. The world is not ready for these crazed prime time players!

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