Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Self-reflection Past Due

While Americans are led to believe by their leaders that we are supposed to be the beacon of light and positive change in the world, millions suffer and die around the world because of our misguided foreign policies. While we are self-deluded into thinking that we are indeed blessed with freedom and liberty, our government is getting sold to the highest bidder. The powerful special interests that bid for our government could care less about the interests of people around the world, let alone the interests of Americans.

Americans have to wake up and smell the coffee- if you are not totally and hopelessly drugged by government propaganda, you might still have a chance to save what we were all taught to believe was America. Freedom truly is not free, but not in the way most Americans would think. To them, the cost of wars in blood and taxes is a measure to the price of freedom. They overlook a most important thing- that the freedom to live like an American, with the liberties therein guaranteed constitutionally, don't come from the end of a gun, but from the courage of those who dare speak for justice and truth in the face of public disapproval. Without this freedom, there IS no America!

In the hysteric environment of war frenzy that seems to grip this nation so easily, it takes real courage to stand up against the insanity of phony wars and government lies. The waves of "truth" that the government sends out onto a naive population push people towards a beach of delusion. This delusion is a comfort zone, a security blanket, for those who want to believe that they live in the best and moral of societies. Anyone who doesn't conform to the waves of disinformation is seen as a troublemaker, a malcontent, un-American etc. Just how many of those "patriotic" Americans would give their lives or risk their reputations to stand for what America is really supposed to stand for?

I can only say this to the warmongers who glorify the sacrifice of soldiers and to people who would let their finest go be slaughtered in unnecessary wars- Peace takes more courage! To stand against the savage uncivilized game of killing your fellow man takes mountains of courage in these insane times! And to those parents who would allow their kids to be sent to war while taking the government's word for granted- I do not consider you a good parent. If a parent cannot muster the courage do something unpopular to save their children's lives, then I must say that America has developed a big yellow streak down its back!

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