Saturday, January 01, 2005


Sharon's "Peace"

Ariel Sharon is upset over the Geneva Peace Initiative because it will supposedly encourage terrorism. He says that only governments can draw up peace treaties. Once again, before the entire world, Sharon is demonstrating that he has an aversion to peace. His very political existence depends on the propagation of war and terrorism against innocent civilians in the Middle East. He has never once acted on his stated desire for peace. His latest outburst against the Geneva Peace Initiative clearly demonstrates once again that he has no intention of bowing to public pressure for a real peace process.

I was brought up with the old axiom that it takes two parties to have a fight. As long as Sharon embraces the politics of war, terror and repression to "solve" Israel's concerns there will always be at least one combatant to keep the fight going. If Israel were truly concerned about terrorist attacks on their people, they would give in to international pressure in dealing with the problem, not unilaterally, and with USA backing and support, continue to exacerbate an already explosive situation. Because Israel chooses the unilateral approach to its problems, aka the USA, it only demonstrates to me that Sharon is as far from seriousness about peace as he can possibly be!

We have all seen time and again Sharon's "peace", witness the many brutal massacres that he has presided over. Knowing Sharon's mind set in dealing with suicide bombings by Palestinians(military aggression to weed out the terrorists in which many innocent civilians always die), does anyone for one moment think that he could remain in a non-attack/non-retaliation mode if Israelis and Palestinians switched roles right now? He is not guided by any moral considerations, only the fact that he has the upper-hand militarily and unwavering support from the world's only superpower! Just mentioning Sharon in the same breath with any peace process serves to disgrace and insult all those who have struggled throughout the ages in sincere battles for peace.

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