Monday, January 03, 2005


Sizing Up Bush's Backers

At this point in time, you have to wonder about those who still cling to blind support of George Bush and his administration despite three years of lies, deceptions and war crimes against the world. I have come up with three main categories to explain this irrational behavior. By "irrational", I am assuming that any reasonable person who adheres to what America is supposed to stand for would reject this administration if they truly acknowledged the facts of the matter. The three main categories are as follows:

1) People who are aware of the problems and underhanded machinations of this administration but are in denial because of an inability or unwillingness to admit their mistake in supporting Bush and Co. The pain and/or embarrassment factor prohibits these Bush "groupies" from discussing anything about this administration with an open mind.

2) People who are still woefully in the dark about what this administration has actually done that is illegal and/or unconstitutional. This would include things like Bush's connection to the Enron fiasco, Cheney's behavior with regard to energy policies and his ties and conflicts of interest to energy corporations. Also, many people are totally unaware of all the unanswered and unasked questions which seemingly implicate this administration in many aspects of 911.

3) This category would also include those who like to feel they are in the majority at all times, going along with the media deceptions that a MAJORITY of Americans are always in support of Bush and Co., no matter what they do.

4) People who are actually approving of Bush and Co. because they ARE in effect fascist-minded. This is a simple way to explain away support of Bush among certain people. Damned be the facts to these people, who for whatever reason have no respect for other peoples on this planet or for themselves for that matter. People like this will jump on the bandwagon of fascism to vent their frustrations at what they perceive to be wrong with the world. When you see people going crazy in support of this president in the face of his many lies and deceptions and abuse of power, just remember that they are not necessarily fooled by him but are actually American fascist piggies calling for more fascism!

I am sure there are other categories to explain support for Bush, but these in my mind are the three main ones.

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