Wednesday, January 05, 2005


A Solution For Fair Elections

Here are a few changes that might be implemented into the United States' election process to guarantee fairness-

1) First and foremost, people will NOT be required to register in any political party. This system now guarantees that we will always have a divided nation NOT focusing on the real issues that concern us all. It insures that the American people remain divided and conquered while the Republican and Democratic puppet masters serve their corporate handlers. Without a registered party affiliation, it will be more difficult for either party to target voters BECAUSE of their party registration and make the election a more nonpartisan race.

2) All Americans are eligible for a series of primary contests that will pare the final candidate count to a specific number. This will prevent a final presidential election with scores or hundreds of candidates, meaning that the possibility of a candidate with only 10-20% of the vote winning the election will be minimized. For instance, the candidate "ceiling" can be ten, meaning the ten candidates who acquire the most votes in primaries get to be put on the national election ballot.

3) Our Congress is a bipartisan venture. Our Supreme Court is supposed to be free from the grips of partisanship. Why not make the Executive branch a bipartisan branch, also? The taxpaying people of this nation should be the ones who appoint Executive branch members. Leaving this up to the winning presidential candidate only invites a compromising of the executive branch by powerful corporate interests. The presidential cabinet should have to get their jobs like everyone else on Capitol Hill- by election! This would more greatly ensure a "check and balance" within the executive branch itself and not leave the executive branch as the "check and balance" against the rest of us.

4) Probably the most important aspect of my plan would be the amount of money that can be utilized in the campaigns. This is a free country, or so the saying goes, but is it really free when powerful and wealthy or wealth-backed candidates can dictate campaign rhetoric and issues simply because they can outspend their opponents? Television air time is very expensive and not all candidates have the funds to reach the American public this way. This has to be remedied. All candidates that qualify for the final election(those "ten" mentioned in #2 above) would receive government funding for their campaigns and there will be a ceiling on the amount of money that can be spent on their campaigns. This may sound dictatorial to some, but it would certainly let the American public know which candidates are REALLY the best ones, not just which candidates have the money and resources to propagandize us all for votes. These monetary issues would be decided by the Congress.

5) Voter forms will be standard for ALL Americans. Since we are electing national officials, we should all have a uniform voting system and ballots. National elections should be overseen by a Congressional committee which is permanent and representative of ALL candidates. We have committees for just about everything- intelligence, military, spending- why not one exclusively to patrol the appropriateness of our electoral system?

6) Election votes will be tabulated by people, not machines or computers. All election counting will be subject to oversight by the candidates involved. This may sound like a tedious system of counting, but this is a process where we are electing our national leaders, and the amount of work should not be a factor when it comes to fairness. If it takes a week to count the votes, then so be it! Remember, all candidates have the power of oversight in the vote tabulation process, even though they are not required to exercise this right. It is strictly up to them. This system would have prevented something like Florida 2000 from happening, installing a president who clearly had not been proven to be the winner of the election.

We definitely need campaign reform in the United States. It is a gross irony indeed that our leaders talk of spreading American democracy around the world when our own system of electoral representation has been compromised, if not destroyed, by powerful interests. It is time for the American people to take back their true and unadulterated place in the electoral system. If we can't, then we should not be held accountable to our leaders or any of their unaccounted-for dictates!

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