Monday, January 03, 2005


Some Questions For George Bush

Here are a few questions that should be directed to George Bush as he constantly bombards us with his "stay the course" rhetoric for Iraq-

Mr. President-

Are you implying that if we pull out of Iraq the Iraqis will be less better off?

Are you implying that Iraqis are savage people who are incapable of self-rule?

Are you implying that the Iraqis want us to stay there?

Are you implying that there is no other course to take?

Are you implying that you preach a policy that has no grounds whatsoever in reality?

Are you implying that you are impotent diplomatically and thus must resort to military aggression?

Are you implying that the Iraqis wanted us there in the first place, knowing the brutality directed towards defenseless Afghanistani people only a short while ago?

Are you implying that the United States people, the ones who have to suffer through your wars, are really behind you on this? If you aren't, then don't you think you've exceeded the parameters of proper democracy and representation?

Are you implying that you actually understand the historical significance and necessity of your policies and actions?

Send all answers to: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

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