Sunday, January 02, 2005


Spanish Cowards?

While President Bush tries to make it look like Spain is running away from the fight against terrorism, a more realistic look(which this administration seems to be allergic to!) would show that the Spanish people, not under a cloud of media censorship as we Americans are everyday, are more attuned and aware to the phoniness of the War On Terror. The Madrid train bombings did not make Spain acquiesce to terrorist demands, it was just an event that was the last straw on the camel's back, so to speak. President Aznar had committed Spanish troops to Iraq despite great opposition from the Spanish people. When over 90% of the population wants their troops pulled out of Iraq, I would like to think that a supposed "democracy" allied with the USA would reflect those wishes.

If the mainstream media was an honest one, not a cover up and propaganda tool for the powerful, we here in the United States would certainly be more like the Spanish people and start to put far greater pressure on our government to quickly rectify the Iraqi situation one way or the other. It doesn't seem to matter to this administration WHAT Americans really want. Giving up the reins of post-Iraq war reconstruction efforts to the United Nations, or at least sharing them more with it, would endanger the corporate stranglehold that Bush and his corporate allies want to impose on the rich Iraqi oil reserves. To them, no loss of American lives and prestige is too much to get in the way of their greedy and immoral designs.

No . . . the Spanish people have spoken, through their newly-elected leaders, that they want no part of a ruthless and brutal war against innocent civilians which is only stirring up resentment and more possible terrorist reprisals in the future. I think that Americans are quickly beginning to wake up to the realities of what their government has done, attacking an innocent and basically defenseless nation on false premises. Unlike Spain, however, our government has the reins of the media in its hands and can easily dictate the feelings and reality of Americans to suit their greedy aims!

When Americans finally begin to wake up and realize that they too are victims in Bush's War On Terror, being lied to day in and day out and having to support the war agenda with taxes and blood, they will react accordingly. We are already victims of history in the sense that 30-40 years down the road, we will probably be castigated as the generation that allowed our government to attack another nation without just cause, just as the Germans in the 1930's turned a blind eye to Hitler's machinations. It cannot be blamed entirely on Americans, however. Unlike the Spanish, Americans are trapped under a dome of delusion, denial and dis-information built by a propogandic government and media.

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