Sunday, January 02, 2005


Suicide Bombings

If the so-called "suicide" bombings get the same type of investigation that 911 has received so far, then I am sorry to say that there can be no real certainty who is behind them. Also, even if Arabs are the ones carrying the bombs, are there handlers who orchestrate and determine their moves? With regards to 911, even if there were Arabs terrorists on those planes being hijacked(which I seriously doubt!), how can we be sure who their handlers were and where the plot ultimately came from?

With many Palestinians and Arabs imprisoned by the "War On Terror" axis, isn't it safe to consider the possibility that suicide bombers could be:

1) mind controlled to either carry a package to a certain place
2) controlled to be in a certain place when the bomb explodes
3) enticed and entrapped by Israeli covert ops into detonating himself for the "cause"

With the supposed heightened sense of security in and around Israel, it leaves me wondering how these "suicide" bombings can continually be successful in such public places. Also, they always suspiciously seem to occur when Israel needs a shot in the arm of public opinion. If you want to win over public opinion, you DON'T carry out bombings against innocent civilians!

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