Sunday, January 09, 2005


Syria and Iran Helping Iraqi Insurgency?

When the United States attacked Iraq in March 2003 the Bush administration gave Americans the impression that it posed a serious threat to its neighbors as well as the rest of the world. Now the Bush administration wants us to believe that Iran and Syria, two neighbors, are assisting the insurgency that battles the US occupational forces. If Iraq was really that much of a threat to these two nations, then why would they now turn coat and assist the insurgency? Once again, Bush goes with a "story" that suits the purposes of his divide and conquer agenda.

Let me ask WRH readers and Americans this question- suppose Mexico, Canada, Central or South American or Caribbean nations, OUR neighbors, were attacked and occupied by another nation. I realize that under present circumstances this is very unlikely and improbable, but for one moment put yourself in the shoes of Iraq's neighbors, in particular the nations that Israel(and thus the United States) considers its Middle Eastern enemies. Do you think for one moment the United States would tolerate this? We have installed puppet military dictatorships in South and Central America for decades under the THEORY(excuse) of communist expansionism!

The hypocrisy in this nation, and in particular in Washington DC, is really stinking up the place! We go into Iraq and inflict over 100,000 deaths with hi-tech weaponry and expect other nations in our gun sights to sit nice and polite until its their turn to be attacked? People like Ann Coulter, who mindlessly espouse the "righteousness" of slaughter for the good of mankind, should have their families murdered, abused and raped, their houses burnt down, their neighborhoods destroyed, before they have the audacity to justify these things for innocent and defenseless peoples! I can guarantee one thing to these hate-mongering monsters- if they were attacked in the manner that they want others to be attacked around the world by our government, I am sure they would quickly change their tune.

By attempting to lay blame at the doorstep of Iraq's neighbors this administration once again is showing that it SEEKS military confrontation instead of peaceful ways to avoid it. When your children will not be the ones to have their heads blown off in a needless war, when you are making lots of money from the sponsors of these wars, when you don't have an ounce of human decency or "compassionate conservatism"(what a crock!) in your body, you will probably go right along with the killing and plunder!

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