Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Technically, Bush Is NOT A War President

Here is an argument that people can use when faced with the "Bush is a wartime president and thus should not be criticized." Our Constitution explicitly spells out how the United States goes to war- only if Congress declares war on another nation. This has not occurred since right after Pearl Harbor as every military engagement and subsequent quagmire that we have gotten into since then has been the result of a presidential order. When the decision for war is left in the hands of the president, it makes it easy for the war-related industries, who profit immensely by war, to steer the president's judgments and decisions. It becomes a matter of the special interests that finance and back a president pulling the levers of war! In a democratic and constitutional sense, this is not war but a scam!

When I hear the refrain "Don't criticize Bush, a wartime president!", it makes me want to throw up. The more people use this justification to silence dissent the more I realize that 911 WAS an event orchestrated to give Bush "wartime" powers and a tool to keep people in this nation in line with the agenda of conquest. George Bush is NOT a wartime president because Congress never declared war on anyone- they simply surrendered this most important responsibility and right to a president thoroughly compromised by his corporate cronies and the government of Israel. In other words, as far as the constitution goes, those who gave Bush this power to wage war, without the American people involved in the decision-making process through their elected representatives, are all traitors!

So when you hear that familiar phrase- "It is treason to criticize a wartime president"- or something in that vein, quickly retort that Bush is NOT a wartime president because Congress never declared war as the Constitution stipulates that it must. Also, by constantly shielding Bush from criticism in this manner this administration clearly shows why "war" is being waged in the first place- to suppress dissent. We do not have a war in Iraq, we have a CRIME being committed against people who never did any harm to United States citizens other than living above massive amounts of oil that our corporate puppet leaders will commit genocide to acquire!

Bush is NOT a wartime president but a WAR CRIMINAL president. There is a big difference between the two.

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