Sunday, January 02, 2005


"Terrorism" Is PA's Only Weapon

Thanks mainly to the United States policy of coddling and helping to build up Israel militarily, while ignoring the cause of Palestinian statehood, the only deterrent factor that Palestinians possess at this point are acts of "terrorism". I put the word terrorism in quotes because in my view, Israel's response to Palestinian "terrorism" IS terrorism on a far greater scale than suicide bombings. Violence on either side cannot be condoned, but we must remember that the violence is nothing more than an outgrowth of the hypocritical and double-standard policies in place in the region that the United States endorses.

If the United States really was serious about a Palestinian state, it would have been established years ago. Even though Israel has a formidable military(especially when compared to the military-less defenseless Palestinians!), it would be no match for the United States if military force or threat of it would be needed to make Israel recognize once and for all a Palestinian state. This coercive force, which we are witnessing being used against innocent nations like Afghanistan and Iraq presently, has not been even considered against Israel because the United States government has been greatly compromised and corrupted by the thugs and terrorists that call themselves Israeli leaders over the years!

If the Palestinians and Iraqis and Afghanis truly had a deterrent force to stop aggression against their sovereignty, there would be no need for the so-called suicide terrorist activities that Israel uses to justify their brutal incursions into the West Bank. Certainly every nation on this planet is well aware of this principle of deterrence. The situation now with Iraq, Israel and Palestine is similar to a school yard bully who has to continually pick on his classmates to reaffirm his position of power over them. Israel will not tolerate any Palestinian deterrent factor, for as long as they keep the PA in a position of military powerlessness, they are in a position to coerce concessions to their benefit.

What this all means is that Israel has no one to blame but itself for the spate of suicide bombings from the Palestinians. When a peoples' backs are against the wall and survival is the only real issue they face, "terrorism" becomes the only weapon that they may have to deter the oppressor nation, especially when the diplomatic tools have been corrupted and compromised to the favor of the aggressor. Not until there is an even playing field, which means Palestinians having the same rights as Israel in the "settlement" process of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, will there ever be a genuine peace.

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