Sunday, January 09, 2005


Terrorist Detainees Manchurian Candidates?

Much ado has been made, and rightfully so, about the civil rights violations of people that are currently being held without charge and/or legal counsel in prisons like Guantanamo and Abu Graib. The United States is violating the Geneva Conventions in their treatment of these prisoners, many of whom are undoubtedly innocent people. Another thought occurred to me regarding this situation.

Could it be that all of these prisoners are being "groomed" to be our next generations' crop of terrorists? Is the CIA experimenting on these prisoners, trying to find the correct psychological mind-altering recipe to churn out a massive crop of Manchurian candidates? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term "Manchurian candidate", this is someone who is hypnotized and programmed to respond to certain inputs that make him commit acts, such as assassinations, for his handlers. If anyone out there finds this farfetched, just take a quick look at the Robert Kennedy assassination and Sirhan Sirhan, who was diagnosed as being in the top .1% of hypnotizable subjects in the world and according to some witnesses to this assassination, apparently in a trancelike state as he emptied a pistol in Kennedy's direction.

It took four large men to get the gun out of Sirhan's hand! George Plimpton, one of the four men, stated later that Sirhan had a contented and peaceful look in his eyes. Sirhan himself does not remember firing at Kennedy. His last memory before being wrestled by four men was a lady asking him if he wanted cream and sugar in his coffee earlier in the evening. ( Right before he started shooting he was seen talking to a young lady in a polka dot dress. This lady disappeared after the shooting finished and an all-points bulletin for her and another man was inexplicably cancelled by LAPD right after it was issued!

I would not put it past the Bush administration and its clique of war profiteers to be "training" a whole new flock of terrorists to keep the justification for the war on terror in place for years to come! The scary thing about this is even Sirhan, after 35 years in prison, has still not had the lock to his memory "picked" by hypnotists to see if in fact he was programmed by someone to kill. The main reason for this has been interference by officials who will not allow this to happen. If someone is doing this to current "terrorist" detainees in war on terror prisons, we may never know for sure who REALLY is behind any terrorism that they may execute in the future!

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