Saturday, January 08, 2005


Tony The Liar

"The secretary general in his letter said the Iraqi elections were the keystone of progress in Iraq. That is true. It is true also that he went on to express reservations about the action in Fallujah," Mr Blair said. "It is important we retain the moral high ground in fighting for elections in Iraq but part of us doing that is to keep emphasising [that] if the terrorists were to stop the elections would go forward. Why do the terrorists fear elections? Because they know that, given the chance, Iraqis would reject extremism and fanaticism."

Does Tony Blair actually think that the "terrorists" care about Iraqi elections? The "terrorists" are fighting the people who will stage biased and phony elections, for sure, but after what has been inflicted on Iraqis by the United States and Britain, does he actually feel that stopping the elections is the main motive for "terrorists"? Talk about a distortion of the truth . . . a total lie!

Why don't we have an Iraqi election TODAY and the first question on the ballot should be- "Do you want occupational forces to leave Iraq?" Obviously, the Iraqi people would overwhelmingly vote "Yes" on this one, but the results would be tampered with, just as they are in the United States, to further the agenda of the occupation. Even if the results weren't tampered with and the Iraqi people voted to expel occupational forces, the mandate would certainly not be respected. Black ops would just have to come up with some event to justify keeping the occupation's boot on the Iraqis' collective neck!

100,000 dead Iraqis and counting and Tony Blair wants us to think that he is concerned about fairness in elections for the Iraqis? Have the US/Britain forces done anything fair yet for Iraq? Why should we be made to believe that anything is ever going to change in this regard? England has to get rid of Tony Blair. He is an unmitigated liar in the same league as George Bush and Co. The Iraqi elections are going to be the most farcical ones in the history of mankind!

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