Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Too Many Opinions and Not Enough Facts

How can human beings constantly be at each other’s throats when you would
think that if we all had access to the same information we could agree on
most things generally? If we all see an apple falling from a tree we
agree that it is an apple falling from a tree. The sky is blue. Water is
wet. There are certain things called facts that when viewed by all people
tend to draw an agreeable response from most everyone. Of course, you
might have the genius who claims that the apple is falling to earth, but
in a very minute way, the apple and earth are pulled to each other, the
apple itself having a very minute gravitational pull.

Americans are divided because we are not all getting the same facts, or
in many cases, none at all. Most Americans unfortunately form their
opinions on information that is not entirely factual, if at all. Worse
yet, there is another group of Americans that rest their opinions on the
opinions of a public leaders, trusting these leader to have the right
values to deal with the “facts”. What it all comes down to is a bickering
and divided population, each conflicting group getting different
"factual" input than the other.

If we had an open and honest reporting media in this nation, Americans
would be a uniting, progressive and constructive force on the rest of the
world. As it is, in the rush to grab political power, special interest
groups are hiding or distorting the truth to appeal to what they feel is
a majority of Americans. Compare this to a prosecuting attorney trying to
win over a jury- has there ever been a trial in history where the
prosecutor presented the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help
him God? I don’t think so. You can even apply this distortion tactic to
defense attorneys.

With giant money profits at stake, warring political forces will distort
the truth to suit their agendas. This is why Americans are divided. Not
because some of us are liberals, or conservatives, or whatever . . . It
is because we are being given different versions of “truth” by
conflicting powerful interests. If every American knew what a lot of us
did about Iraq BEFORE we attacked them in March, 2003, there would
certainly have been NO attack I am sure! By the same token, if every
American knew about the glaringly obvious and suspicious unanswered
questions about 911, the selling of the War on Terror would have
encountered stiffer opposition.

There are just too many opinions and not enough facts being presented to
the American people. We deserve the facts in a real democracy so that we
can make sound judgments about who we want leading us and our direction.
Americans are good hard-working and law-abiding people generally. They
have been goaded into divisiveness by leaders well aware of the old
maxim- Divide and Conquer.

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