Sunday, January 09, 2005


Troop "Support"

Well, I guess it was just another day at the office for Americans Sunday as far as supporting their troops. They went to football games, got drunk, ate too much afterwards, probably had some sort of half-ass sex, then conked off to get ready for another week of material existence in this most cesspool of materialistic societies. Some of us probably got reminded of the troops in some way during our Sunday adventures in the American way of life. In some perverse way, our troop "support" is getting to look alot like religion- something that we pay reverence to now and then for cleansing our guilty souls.

When I see people smiling and having a good time it is such a stark contrast to the suffering that I know exists for our troops and the people that they keep in terror. Americans just are not aware for the most part what our ignorance and complacency is costing the rest of the world. It may be easy for most people to cast aside whatever doubts they have about mass murdering innocent civilians of an "inferior" culture, but deep down inside there is that absolute knowledge that murder of any kind is wrong and must be stopped by giving our own lives if need be.

We are kept under an American dome of partying, corruption, ignorance, materialism, immorality, fear- anything that deters the human mind from observing the obvious. If we really want to support our troops in Iraq and elsewhere, we have to strip off this dome piece by piece so we can address the reality of the situation and how our troops would be best deployed. But all of this is theoretical mumbo-jumbo commie pinko terrorist talk to most good ol' boy Americans. To them, we have to show the world just how manly and macho we are by attacking and threatening any nation that we can attack and get away with it. It has to be a guaranteed victory for Americans, not a victory based on a feeling that regardless of the outcome, we MUST fight for survival. There is a big difference there, I believe.

Meanwhile, the point of our military spear, those troops that face the brunt of other nations' wrath on the front lines, gets our support by keeping the illegal body of the spear intact, continually able to thrust that point into violent battle! Looking at it this way, which to me is a quite realistic way, not a liberal of conservative way, it would appear that the antiwar movement would actually be of greater support to our troops, by keeping them out of situations where the dangers could have been easily avoided if only the public had been given the truth about the situation. I say this to all of you dumb ass flag-waving morons tonight . . . the best way to support your troops is to demand the truth from the lying pack of liars that rule us by all of the things mentioned above. Would you let your daughter go out with a convicted rapist? Of course not. We have to know that our children are not being abused for military conquest purposes. Murder is just as bad as rape!

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