Monday, January 03, 2005


True Patriotism

Here are a few morale-boosting reminders to all of us who have to wade into a sea of ignorance day-in and day-out, seemingly cut off from the "patriotic" crowd that has closed its collective mind to the truth:

Patriotism is- showing concern over the course that your nation is taking.
Treason is turning a blind eye to your leader's actions.

Patriotism is- keeping oneself informed on national and world events, making the effort to verify what we are being told by our leaders.
Treason is blindly accepting all government dictates.

Patriotism is showing compassion for your fellow human beings, for the United States itself was supposedly founded on the principles of anti-tyranny and pro-democracy.
Treason is letting your hates and fears be utilized by a government to destroy the lives of our "enemies".

Patriotism is trying to educate your fellow citizens on issues and facts they probably should be aware of.
Treason is listening to and/or giving only one side of the story, shutting down the arena of public discourse and hence democracy.

Patriotism is suffering the pain of public isolation and persecution for your fact-based opinions.
Treason is jumping on the bandwagon of unbridled patriotism and jingoism for fear of being left out or isolated.

Patriotism is standing by, protecting and utitilizing our Constitution, the document we have all been taught to revere as the heart and soul of America.
Treason is trying to push aside that Constitution and make it an open season on human rights.

Patriotism is remembering and standing for the ideals that America is really supposed to stand for, based on its Constitution.
Treason is going along with the stampede of opinion that the government always whips up to push us into wars.

Patriotism is treating all human beings on this planet like, . . . well . . . human beings.
Treason is justifying and condoning the dehumanization of our "enemies".

Patriotism is being appalled and disgusted by certain actions of our military and leaders.
Treason is giving in to the orgy of non-accountability.

I can go on and on, but I just wanted to remind all frustrated and losing-hope peace activists(human beings) that many of us in this nation and around the world share this sense of despair as the world's ruling bodies distance themselves from the real wishes and desires of the people. I congratulate you all on staying informed, free of the propaganda mainstream media outlets, and trying to educate others around you.

One final thought- for someone to want to uncover information that the govermnet tries to hide from you, they have to really CARE about that issue. People being branded as "unpatriotic" or "un-American" because they seemingly don't tow the government's line are those who know better because they have made the time and effort to find out what is really going on in the world beyond the propaganda big-screen that the media has in front of us.

Patriotism is caring enough to make the attempt to get to the truth. Caring is knowing . . . knowing is caring.

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