Sunday, January 09, 2005


TWA 800 Question

There have been so many different versions of TWA Flight 800 exploding off of Long Island eight years ago that they all seem to be distracting from another angle that has never gotten any consideration- a deliberate hit. This tragedy took place right before the Atlanta Olympics and could have been meant as a sour apple from Arabs to the rest of the world before their Olympic get-together. The campaign to frame and smear Arabs seems to be a 24/7 venture, not just a now and then thing. The planning for these events is what takes up the time in between the events.

On the night of the TWA800 tragedy, the Navy was testing a multi-billion dollar defense system off of the coast of Long Island. It is peculiar indeed that on 911 Dick Cheney was "testing" software for air defenses over the Eastern seaboard. I have a strong theory about events that occur among professional crooks- there is hardly such a thing as an unplanned event. If software "conveniently" malfunctions for those who use it for "terrorism", then obviously that failure is intentional. If it can be written into programs without knowledge of the users of the programs, then the fault gets laid at the users doorstep, not the programmer. This arrangement opens up the gates of blackmail hell.

When TWA800 went down, the White House was notified immediately that a possible terrorist attack had occured. This must have been the initial impression of witnesses who were interviewed by law enforcement. If you saw a missile dive into the sky and strike down an airliner full of people, your initial impression would probably be one of horror and disgust. If TWA800 WAS an intentional takedown meant to frame on Arabs, the planners probably under-estimeted any military presence in the area that night. With the Naval exercise going on, the place was crawling with platforms. The problem with this is how do you spin a story that some terrorists fired a shoulder missile to bring down an airliner and escaped undetected by massive military electronic intelligence presence.

Oklahoma City went bad for the planners also. Anytime a white guy gets blamed for these "terrorist" events you know something went wrong, because you can bet your ass that Arabs were meant to be framed. So if my conjecture here is actually true- someone allowed the takedown of TWA800(or whatever plane was eleigible as a glitch target), actually set it up, for the purpose of maximum effect of smearing the Arab world right before the Atlanta Olympics.

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