Monday, January 03, 2005


Tyranny At Home

The problem with most Americans is that they have been led to believe over the years that tyrannical governments exist only in other nations and that tyranny is next-to-impossible in the American way of things. They couldn't be further from the truth! The myths of foreign tyranny have been a smoke screen to hide the tyranny right here at home, ironically. What better way to take the heat off of yourself than by accusing someone else of your very own crimes?

Americans should NOT have to worry about the supposed tyrannies in other nations, but the tyranny in their very own government. Putting the onus of tyranny on other nations serves some vital purposes for any government bent on illegal conquest or interference into the affairs of other nations-

1) By labeling other nations tyrannical it provides Americans with a comparative framework to make them feel they are fortunate to have the government that they have. Additionally, it gives Americans a better-than-thou mentality towards other nations and peoples, a very important ingredient when it comes to justifying meddling in and subverting other nations' state of affairs.

2) It shifts the focus of blame onto other nations away from the illegal machinations of our own government.

3) It provides justification for military aggression.

4) It further cements the notion in Americans' minds that they are indeed blessed and special for having a non-tyrannical government. Over time this makes it that much more difficult for people to speak out against the abuses of the American government.

5) It plays into peoples' desirous thinking that they are on the "right" side in any conflict. This makes it easy for truth to become the first casualty in any war since questioning of any governmental "truth" challenges this sense of being the "good" guys in any conflict. It makes dissent a direct threat to this egotistical sense of righteousness.

It is time for Americans to questions the tyrannical aspects of their own leaders. Most of the people running for reelection this Fall should actually be doing prison time, based on their treatment of the Constitution. Anyone who does not abide by our Constitution, TO THE LETTER, and subverts it for their own nefarious and evil purposes, should not only not be allowed to hold public office, but should be tried for treason!

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