Sunday, January 09, 2005


Under The Rug Again!

From Yahoo News:

"White House spokesman Scott McClellan dismissed the move as politically driven. . . .
Many Democrats oppose challenging the Ohio vote, concerned that it would do little but antagonize voters who consider the election over. The numbers are also politically daunting: Bush won an Ohio recount by more than 118,000 votes, and won nationally by more than 3 million."

Politically-driven? Why is it that everything that anyone does that brings into question this administration's actions is considered "politically driven"? The final numbers of the election are NOT important here, only how they were arrived at. This administration's use of the "politically driven" accusation towards its critics is much like accusing the Iraqi people of politicization for complaining about being attacked! How can this government be concerned about "antagonizing" voters when millions have already taken to the streets to protest in vain? There is only one political party that is "politicizing" everything nowadays, making the retention of power its ultimate goal, and that is the Republican party!

The Bush administration has tried to thwart EVERY investigation that deals with important issues that we face as a nation and this only tells me that they have many things to hide from the public. If people cannot see the obviousness with which Bush stole the last two elections, they are in denial or not paying any attention at all, because it is as obvious as the day has a sun!

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