Saturday, January 08, 2005


US Political Infighting Lethal To The World

The wars that the United States has fought since World War 2 have been nothing more than collateral damage from political competition for the White House. That political competition has centered its arguments around one thing that has never gone away- terrorism: how do we deal with terrorism? Right after World War 2 that "terrorism" was embodied in the Soviet Union and the threat of godless communism encroaching upon the world. The world became divided into two camps- the "free" world and the communist-bloc nations. In World War 2 the Soviet Union lost over 20 million people to the Nazi onslaught, far more thasn any other nation. Yet, before World War 2 was over, with the demise of Germany in plain sight, the United States, Britain and China were already plotting the postwar enemy for the "free" world, and that enemy was to be their ally in battle, the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union would replace Japan and Germany as the enemies, the "terrorists" of the United States.

This red-menace terrorism worked for about 40 years until the break up of the Soviet Union. In the Cold War, politicians here in the states had to work their policies around this most salient "threat", the Soviet Union. The post- World War 2 demonization of it served the purpose as a political tool, but it also lead to the deaths of thousands of our young men in Korea and Viet Nam, battles that were waged to supposedly stop the threat of communism. What it all came down to was if a candidate for office or politician discounted the threat posed by communism, he himself was practically branded a communist and trounced in any election. The public certainly voted for candidates that were big on stomping out the Red Menace, something that kept them in constant fear.

Nothing has really changed except that now the global menace is the "terrorist", or more specifically, the Arab fundamentalist terrorist. Just like in the Cold War, campaign issues and rhetoric gravitate around the issue of how America deals with terrorists, instead of communists. This political infighting spills over into United States violence on our alleged enemies abroad as politicians try to outdo the other in terms of how ruthless they can be to the enemy. This is sort of like two boys fighting for a girl's affection at school. She tells them that she likes a guy who knows how to handle himself in fights. To impress her, the two pick on some poor innocent nerd in the playground.

It is a sad shame indeed that the key issues that most directly affect United States citizens are always drowned out by this macho contest between candidates about something that is a total delusion to begin with! I will admit that there are always possible enemies of the United States, but with a military of the caliber of our nation, far surpassing that of any other nation, we should be less fearful of other nations attacking us, and more fearful of our own leaders! This political infighting about U.S. security has led to millions of deaths around the world as a result of military actions carried out mainly for political reasons(even though the public will always believe that the attack is justified on national security grounds). Saddam Hussein had absolute power in Iraq and did not have to prove his inclination to batter enemies against another political foe. He may have been ruthless to his own people(as our own leaders are being now to anyone who disagrees with their policies!), but this situation alone made him less of a threat to other nations!

As long as the "terrorist" threat is used to scare people into flocking to one candidate or the other, we will witness the gross display of violence perpetrated on innocent nations by politicians trying to be El Politico Machismo, El Gran Protector. Americans have to see past this delusion of imminent threat before they will ever begin to treat the real issues and problems that affect our lives. They will have to be de-programmed to not accept war as the only solution to their fears. We will probably need some more Gandhis, and Kings and Malcolm X,s, people to open our eyes to the cowards we have become. We will all have to strive to believe that peace and the maintenance of peace on this planet have always taken infinite amounts of more courage than waging war on innocent defenseless human beings!

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