Saturday, January 01, 2005


USA a Democracy?

While "our" government attacks other nations preemptively to supposedly install democratic governments, the rest of the world is looking at the United States and probably wondering why it alone has the right to do so. A closer look at US domestic situation would certainly make one question if they really would want our present system to govern them.

1) We have an administration that survives by lying to the public.

2) We have an economy geared to the rich and powerful corporations that control our government covertly.

3) We automatically support a nation, Israel, that daily brutalizes a vastly outmatched civilian population in the name of counter-terrorism, whether there is terrorism against Israelis or not.

4) We have a government that quashes any overtures to peace, resorting to militarism instead of diplomacy.

5) We have an economy that takes from the poor and gives to the rich as millions of jobs go down the drain each and every day without any remedial actions by the government.

6) We have a government that provides cover and leverage to corporations as they go about robbing the American public blind.

7) We have a grossly and sadly misinformed populace, thanks mainly to a mainstream media that acts as a mouthpiece and cheerleader for an illegal government and its immoral actions and policies.

8) We have a government that abuses its own troops, failing to provide needed wartime equipment and failing to provide postwar benefits to veterans and their families. This government makes soldiers use radioactive ammunition, then turns its head when soldiers become sick from the radiation, claiming they are not covered by this "mystery" illness.

9) We have a government that foments strife in other nations as a catalyst to overthrow democratically-elected leaders who would provide for their own people and NOT provide special favor to American corporations.

10) We have a president who came into office by Supreme Court decision instead of a called-for recount of votes in Florida, where his brother presides as Governor.

I can go on and on, but I think this is enough to dissuade other nations from wanting to embrace our form of government. And Americans wonder why Iraqis and Afghanis fight a battle of resistance against this insanity? People on this planet who aren't under the umbrella of US propaganda certainly can see this administration and government for what it really is- an enslaver of the American people and an abuser of the rights of the common man.

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