Sunday, January 02, 2005


USraeli Repression of Iraq

Let me get this straight- it is alright for the United States to attack a sovereign nation, based on deceit and lies, killing and maiming thousands of innocent people, and yet it is NOT UNDERSTANDABLE when civilians murder four US mercenaries in the streets? Give me a break! What would happen if the United States was the nation being occupied and brutalized and US citizens had the chance to take revenge on the attackers?

I just happen to remember pictures of lynchings here in the good ol' USA where men were mutilated and lynched simply because of the color of their skin. They had never done anything(in most cases) to deserve any punishment, let alone lynching. So the American people cannot say that the sort of vengeful brutality that occurred in Fallujah has not occurred in this nation, because it has, many times over. In George Bush's own state, Texas, a black man, James Byrd, was chained and drug behind a truck until he died several years ago while Bush was governor. This is not to justify the murders of the four mercenaries in Fallujah, but certainly this nation would be better off if it would make an attempt to at least understand other nations' actions now and then.

The hypocrisy that Americans and their leaders now display sickens me and leads to me to conclude that we as a nation do not even consider other people on this planet as human beings any more. Not until the United States can stop passing judgment on other nations and begin to understand where those nations are coming from will it start to once again be respected on this planet. The actions of our military in Fallujah, and all of Iraq for that matter, remind me of the Israeli repression of Palestinians as well as the Nazis in Europe during WW2. You can never conquer a people until you have their hearts first, and brutal repression and retaliation is just throwing more fuel on the fire of discontent!

I think that most Americans feel that our government's policies are aimed toward peace, but its actions reflect just the opposite. War is a very profitable business for those with the power to wage it. As long as people are made to war against each other, those people will be hard pressed to deal with the abuses of the powerful who mislead them into war. Divide and conquer is the mantra of an aggressor nation, not peace and democracy. This is why Fallujah was a convenient event for the war party- it only serves once again as a tool to anger Americans into further support of American aggression. Sometimes I even wonder if the killing of Americans is not a planned thing to accomplish this aim! Isn't that what 911 was all about in the first place?

Finally someone is making some sense! I've had this conversation with my friends, and they think I am nuts. The Iraq situation has never made sense to me as described by the government. When this war first started, we were led to believe it was to find WMD's, then shortly after, it was to free the Iraqi people. Did they ask for help? We, as a nation, pride ourselves for the actions of the American Revolution, now the shoe is on the other foot. It's the same war with different scenery. This time we're wearing the red coats. I've always supported our troops, and I love this country, but I fear lives are being lost for little gain.
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