Sunday, January 09, 2005


Vote Fraud Observation

As I read about the mounting cases of vote fraud from around the nation, there seems to be a pattern emerging as if there was a concerted campaign to disrupt the elections in favor of George Bush. Dick Tuck, the famous political prankster of yesteryear, seems to have come back as a ghost with powers infinitely greater than when he was still alive. You see . . . these frat-like Skull and Bones-like "pranks" are nothing more than a total disregard for the interests of people. It is almost a rite of passage into the growing cult that we may call the Bush War Party. I recall reading about the growing power of youth in Germany who were taught military discipline and "street-wise" politics by the Nazi Party.

This hooliganism spread like fire as German laws were unable to stop it. It was used as a terrorist arm by the Nazi Party to acquire total control over Germany, being able to wage war at will. As far as our massive litany of "apparent" vote fraud goes, it may seem like a quite nerdish thing to do- to hack computers to steal votes- but I guarantee you this: the driving force of the voter suppression operation comes from the deepest darkest bowels of the fascist movement in the world today. It is picking up steam too. The worst crime that we can imagine of a government is for it to steal the people's vote to stay in power. This is the total antithesis of democracy.

People . . . take a look at Iraq and the savage brutality that our government has committed there. Would you rather have your vote stolen or have your family torn apart by daisy cutter bombs? If we do not stop the aggressions of this government, supposedly ours, it will eventually be directed at us. You may think that vote fraud is tolerable only because no one really gets hurt, but if the forces that carry out these crimes are not exposed and prosecuted, there is nothing they will stop at!

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