Sunday, January 09, 2005


Voting Commission Morons

From Script-Howard News Service November 23-
"The four members of the new U.S. Election Assistance Commission met Tuesday to compare horror stories while acting as federal observers in the Nov. 2 election. America is lucky that President Bush was re-elected by a 3 million-vote margin, they said, or the nation would again be wracked by election uncertainty.

"The margin was enough that the glitches were not important," concluded commission Chairman DeForest Soaries. "The bad news is, we still don't live up to the expectations that democracy demands.""

Are you kidding me? America is "lucky" that President Bush won by three million votes? Doesn't this Commission realize that vote fruad might be the REASON Bush won by three million votes? Besides, the electoral vote is the all-important tally and it would not take three million votes in state elections to swing the electoral votes Bush's way. These doltheads are actually on a Voting Commission? And they have the audacity to say that "glitches" are not important? The issue should be HOW MANY "glitches", not just that there WERE "glitches".

God help us!

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