Tuesday, January 04, 2005


What Gives Us The Right?

Here is a question directed to the many ignorant, misinformed, naive and "patriotic" Americans who daily go about their merry materialistic existence while "their" military represses and murders Iraqis and Afhganastanis.

Just what gives the United States the right to march into another nation and change its mechanisms of government? Think about this(if you can think at all at this stage) for awhile and consider what it would be like if another nation(or maybe even NATO) attacked the United States and removed our leaders, ransacked our public institutions, imprisoned those who fought back, abused those prisoners and attacked our cities where "resistance" fighters held out, killing many innocent civilians in the process. Would you then agree with the principals of preemptively attacking nations that posed an "alleged" threat to you?

We have all heard time and again how the world is a safer place without Saddam Hussein, a statement that has become a sort of mantra to help justify the unprovoked attack on Iraq. Is this really the case? Most Americans cannot see through the demonization process that our media and government directed towards Saddam, making him look like the devil himself. They fail to understand or realize that Saddam was basically a creation of the United States, who did much of its bidding in the area. We have all been brainwashed to accept the thesis that Saddam was a cruel tyrant responsible for the deaths of thousands of his own people.

Americans ignore or are unaware of the many cruel and despotic governments and dictatorships that our own government has supported over the years, particularly in South and Central America. These dictatorships were justified to fight the "communist" menace, when in reality many innocent civilians were slaughtered only because they demonstrated for real democracy and social reforms. The United States trained the dictators and their death squads right here in the good ol' USA, too! Their was no distinction between supposed violent communist subversives and the person who went out to protest for simple sound democracy.

Today the international enemy has become "terrorism" and the same mechanisms of international cronysim are being emplaced by the United States government. George Bush said it in a nutshell after 911- "You are either for us are you are against us." Anyone who dissents against the anti-human rights nature of the war on terror becomes an enemy like those many unfortunate Central and South Americans who gave their lives simply wanting more say in their own governments.

As long as the United States justifies meddling in other nations' affairs to the benefit of powerful corporations and the detriment of the people in those other nations, we are dragging the very precept of democracy through the mud and destroying whatever possibilities that it may ever truly exist. We have no right overthrowing other nations governments. That is up to the people who have to live under those governments, not the United States, which undertakes government change only for the benefits it will bring to the rich and greedy and powerful!

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