Saturday, January 01, 2005


What War?

All of the present actions taken by the US military and covert ops groups are illegal and in the category of "war crimes". I say this for one reason- the American Congress never declared war on Iraq or Afghanistan. The War Powers Acts that enabled both the Viet Nam War and now conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken away the power to declare war from our elected representatives, where it belongs! If the American people are going to fund and die in these wars, they are the first ones who should have a voice in them. If they don't, they are nothing more than indentured servants of the power elite.

The whole basis on which to judge a government's right to infringe on citizen's rights because of a "war" should rest on the constitutionality of that war. ANY act that is subsequent to a War Powers Act should be considered illegal, especially those acts which use the "all's fair in war" mentality as their justification. The power to wage war resides with the Congress, according to the Constitution that our troops are supposedly defending. By taking away that power, the executive branch is repressing any debate and discussion that pertains to the necessity of war in the first place. The people's voice is being gagged in the most important of issues!

If and when enough people are educated about the false pretenses that have been used to justify wars these past 50 years, maybe there will be enough pressure brought to bear on our elected representatives to reclaim their duty of weighing the necessities of war over diplomacy. As it is now, Americans are just cannon fodder for the rich and powerful, who lie to the public about the threats America faces to justify their wars. I get the feeling that when a critical mass of public opinion is finally reached in this nation, there will be some sort of gigantic act of terror or military repression to put the people back in their places as pawns to the power elite.

My whole contention is this- if Congress does NOT declare war, then by our Constitution THERE IS NO WAR! If we fight in wars that are not approved by Congress, then we are actually fighting AGAINST what America is supposed to stand for- democracy and the right of people to self-determination.

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