Saturday, February 19, 2005


911 Building Fire Myth

I am a farmer in Central California and have used oxyacetylene torches to cut metal for many years. I think that most people who have never used this method to cut metal are unaware of the tremendous temperatures it takes to not only bend metal, but cut through it. I recently had a conversation with a 20 year old college student who was still under the impression that the World Trade Centers collapsed because of the heat generated by jet fuel burning that caused the steel girders in the building to melt. He obviously hadn't done any reading on alternative news sites because this young man is very intelligent and would easily grasp the impossibility of this scenario.

I stated to him that the temperatures generated by the burning jet fuel were nowhere near to being able to melt the WTC metal frames and he responded that the buildings collapsed PROBABLY because the frames only got hot enough to BEND, thus causing the weight of the buildings on top of the fires to collapse. I responded that the temperature needed to bend metal is very close to the temperature where you can actually cut through it with a torch. Both of these temperatures are far and above those which were caused by the burning jet fuel. I also added that the second WTC that was attacked fell BEFORE the first one attacked, even though it had an 18 minute delay in its fire starting. Also, most of the fuel from this airliner burnt up in the air as the plane made a corner hit on the building, not a 90 degree approach into the center of the building.

I think it is quite obvious to anyone who uses reason here that the fires in the Trade Centers did not cause the collapse of the buildings, especially now in light of the many witnesses who reported explosions all through the buildings. The mainstream media, in its job of covering up for the government, has obviously steared clear of anyone who throws doubt in the official government version of this event. This has happened again and again through the years but the American public for the most part is too brainwashed, blind and misinformed to see these continuous blatant acts of government coverups! It is like they do not want their ungrounded beliefs in the "good" of their government and nation challenged by even documented facts.

Here is a final thought- as a building like the one that in Madrid burns it should technically be LESS prone to collapse because tons of weight are being eliminated from its structure(inner contents of the building) by the ongoing fire. Once one accepts, through reasonable thought, that fires in buildings are not close to the temperatures needed to bend and/or cut metal, 911 comes into better focus as an event with a tremendous amount of suspicious and unanswered questions. I just do not see how anyone with any unbiased study of it can come away with anything less!

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