Saturday, February 19, 2005


911- Dancing Israelis Bait?

Here is a thought that might provoke some discussion-

Suppose the "dancing israelis" arrested on 911 while celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers were meant to draw suspicion on Israeli involvement on purpose? Crazy, you might say? Well consider this- Israeli Zionists have such a firm command over the mainstream media in this nation that anything is practically possible. They could use such a stunt and get away with it by simply regulating the flow of information about it in the media.

Before I give you the reason for such a stunt, let me say that obvious screwups such as getting caught celebrating the Twin Towers destruction in clear public view does not sound like something that could occur in such a highly sensitive operation. Anyone involved in 911 would certainly keep as low as possible, particularly on that day. But here we have five Israelis dancing and actually DRAWING attention while filming the collapse of the Twin Towers!

If suspicions are planted in the public's mind, they can serve to filter out possible enemies of any eventual agenda on the part of the 911 conspirators. It is like holding out a piece of candy to a bunch of sweet-starved kids and simply punishing the kids that want it more. In other words, it lets the conspirators know who is willing and in the mind to dig for the truth behind 911, setting them up to be dealt with in some way down the road. During Hitler's reign in Germany, intellectuals were basically in the same class as Jews, communists, gypsies, homosexuals, etc- people the state considered a threat to its security.

If those dancing Israelis hadn't been caught, we still would certainly have our legitimate suspicions about Israel, but such a screwup in a highly sensitive operation like 911 makes no sense to me. In the world of government, politics and media I have learned one thing- there is a reason for everything that is being played out on the stage.

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