Saturday, February 19, 2005


Arnold The Plastic Man

What is all the fuss about Arnold Schwarzenagger running for president, and maybe even getting elected? After all, the presidency is nothing more than a sales-pitch position for corporations nowadays, so what does it matter WHO is doing the sales pitch? What it comes down to is that people who even bother to vote are doing nothing more than rubber-stamping our fake “democracy”. Anyone who actually believes that our presidential candidates are truly candidates of the people is in fairy tale land.

I am willing to go along with this fake system under one condition. Consider this- if in fact Arnold is elected, it will certainly be largely a result of his good guy/clean cut/hero movie persona. In his roles, he always seems to go after the bad guys as an army of one, not really needing much assistance from other fighters. My condition for accepting Arnold and other such Hollywood Bimbo Mafia presidential candidates is if they get elected, they will have to carry on the roles, for the public, that made them popular in the first place. For Arnold, this would mean he would have to grab a modern arsenal of weapons and lead the military into battle, crushing everyone and everything in sight with awesome firepower with that intense look of agony on his face. The networks can imbed cameramen to show Arnold in action!

This would also allow us all to see a real “man” in action. Didn’t Arnold say something at the Republican convention to the effect that men who are against war are “not men”- something in that light? Hmmm . . . This was just another one of those Bushist kick-them-in-the-balls statements that are uttered because the person on the attack knows he will not have to prove its authenticity, having the media on their side. Based on Arnold’s past “service“, he will probably put on some muscular poses for the most stupid-ass nation on the face of the earth! Unlike Bush, Arnold actually has muscles, whereas Bush has to use the muscles in his deceptive face to stir America.

If Arnold is as brave as he thinks he is, let him stand up against the real bads guys like JFK did. I am talking about the military/industrial complex, with its guardian CIA and FBI angels, and their constant sowing of the seeds of war. JFK got shot at in WW2 and was a decorated hero(like Kerry in Viet Nam), for those of you who have been brainwashed about the “evil” Kennedys. This smearing started after Joe Kennedy publicly and correctly recognized the Zionist dangers in Germany BEFORE WW2 as FDR’s US Ambassador to England. This got him fired.

Until the the imposters in government are weeded out, the “reality” that will envelop our lives will be just like the air that was produced for the people on Mars in the movie Total Recall. These people lived under a dome and were kept in slavery and poverty because the state produced the air that they breathed and the false belief that breaking the dome would mean death to all. Arnold was the hero in this movie. He sure as hell won’t break the dome of delusion that hangs over Americans.. He is nothing but a puppet of the masters of delusion! He is the plastic man.

he has to be born in the un ited states read ur constitution
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