Saturday, February 19, 2005


Defeating The Politics of Hate

One of the best ways to bring down the politics of hate, I feel, is to let it die a death of its own. Hatred is a self-consuming thing that wreaks havoc on a person's reasoning and feelings. It is an emotional disease that comes from a person's own lack of self-esteem. When people like Hitler and (now) Bush appeal(ed) to people's hatred, they are in effect replacing that lack of self-esteem with national pride, or in Hitler's terminology, national socialism. Since these people do not have much self-esteem, they are being given a nationalistic sense of it to fill the vacuum in their own personal lives.

Lack of self-esteen comes partly from a person being unaware of things that can have a positive bearing on their lives. It comes mainly from an upbringing where parents are too authoritarian to their children. These types of upbringings instill FEAR in children, instead of knowledge on how to exercise CAUTION towards things that may cause them harm. This fear makes these children basically robots that the state can control later on. Children that are brought up and taught to think for themselves, to use their minds to rationalize and research things, are invariably the ones who later on will hold their government accountable for its actions. This is the true spirit of democracy.

As the saying goes- you can't teach an old dog new tricks- so unfortunately it seems that once these fear-ridden and emotionally-abused and manipulated children grow into adulthood they are irreversibly tainted with self-hatred. They cannot and will not open their minds to anything that threatens their narrow-minded views that have been pasted on their minds by our institutions. It usually takes a tragedy of life-changing proportions before they even begin to consider alternate realities. This happens many times when a soldier is killed in a war and in his relatives' grief to come to grips with death, their minds are more open to truth.

Knowledgeable and aware people in these United States are up against a gigantic wall of hatred and close-mindedness when it comes to trying to inform their fellow citizens about crimes that our government leaders are committing on a daily basis. It is terribly frustrating to know that something is wrong and yet know one will listen, and/or worse yet, condemn you for trying to educate others. Imagine how people who see UFO's feel: they are treated like loonies when trying to relate the experience to others.

I am beginning to really believe that the only way to bring down the politics of hate is to let it collapse upon itself. Unfortunately, many people will be hurt and killed in the process, but maybe this is the only experience that can open up people's minds to reality anymore. If people openly protest a government's policies, they only become the patsies blamed for any collapse to a newly-indoctrinated generation of children, and the cycle of national socialism starts anew. When reason is replaced by fear, only then the sheep can easily be led to slaughter!

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