Saturday, February 19, 2005


Larry, More & Syria

Syria killed Hariri? Yea right . . . Syria is just going to jump in front of an oncoming train! Gimme a break . . . and wake up the zombie masses for chrissakes! Just like we're supposed to believe that Arabs are at the root of all terrorism, now we, and more importantly, the Lebanese, are supposed to believe that Syria is the culprit?

This is parallel to Americans having to believe that George Bush won the election("getting over it") and thus a mandate from them. All wars could be prevented if proper legal investigations were conducted before nations attacked each other on false premises. These investigations would always show that a very small group of ruthless men, who profit by war, are at the heart of provocations of war. It is the general population that suffers from these wars. Provocations of war by false flag terrorism are not meant to be investigated. When there is no proper investigation, you know it is false flag!

Now would someone please tell me why Syria would want to start a war with the United States?

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