Saturday, February 19, 2005


Profound Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy that the Bush administration displays almost makes me want to puke!

It is OK for the United States to attack and occupy a nation half way around the globe on the bases of proven lies, yet it is wrong for Syria to provide protective insurance to its neighbor, Lebanon, against Israel? Imagine for one moment what the United States would do if in the future Central American nations became a military threat to Mexico! The best way to stabilize the Middle East and let it get back to political status quo is to quit pumping billions of dollars into Israel every year!

It is OK for the United States and Israel to have weapons of mass destruction and actually use them on people and nations that are no threat to us, yet it is wrong for other nations to possess them when they are in fact in our gun sights? Iraq was disarming according to UN provisions when it was attacked, so how can the United States expect and demand trust from nations after this monumental double cross? Anyone who is not a total fool would act the same way and arm as insurance against another US invasion!

It is OK for the United States to terrorize people into submission, people that have nothing to do with terrorism other than being victim to it? The war on terror IS terrorism by any definition, and it is spawning a new generation of people with a legitimate grievance against the United States, thanks to our heartless, greedy and immoral leaders!

The hypocrisy is smelling up this world!

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