Saturday, February 19, 2005


Sectarian Violence In Iraq

It is hard for me to accept that Sunnis are serious enough about the election results to attack Shias, who are winning and considered occupational collaborators. Certainly Iraqis can see that sectarian violence plays right into the hands of the occupiers, and after a two-year imposed nightmare on the Iraqis population I am sure their memories are not that short that they would start killing each other and forget the real villain in all of this, the United States.

The only way that Iraq will ever throw off the yoke of colonialism is for the Iraqi people to remain united against a common foe that is really responsible for their current state of misery. This does not necessarily have to translate itself into anti-coalition violence. Sectarian groups in Iraq have to look past their differences and remember the last two years of murder, rape, thievery and humiliation that they have been subjected to by a foreign invader.

I am sure that a significant majority of Iraqis feel the same way, but what can these people do when there is an occupational force that does not want to leave them alone to manage their own affairs, and apparently will stop at nothing to remain in Iraq. Most Americans still do not even have a clue that 911 was a false-flag operation designed to cover up the fascist nature of our own government and provide impetus for attacks on oil-rich Arab nations. What is to stop Israeli/American/British covert ops in Iraq from instigating and maybe even carrying out anti-Shia violence to stir up a civil war? The answer is nothing!

The bottom line in all of this is that Bush and Co. is NOT interested in the welfare of the American people, let alone Iraqis! Once one accepts this everything comes into clear focus. It explains everything that has happened since Bush and his repunk mafia stole the 2000 election. What this means is that not only will the United States welcome sectarian violence in Iraq, because is provides a freebie reason for them to remain as a "guardian", but it will even go so far as to encourage and facilitate it. The era of Iraq's own version of "Hamas" is upon us.

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